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How musicians write their lyrics?

Internet has a lot of instructions, courses, and video lessons on how to write lyrics for a song by your own. Most of them are clickbaits and the real goal is to get more traffic your website or YouTube channel or sell guestwriting services. Is it a good idea to pay guestwriters? Are there ways to come up with a cool rap lyrics yourself? Let's try to figure it out.

Is it real to create a program for lyrics writing?

We live in the age of high technology and every day we are getting closer and closer to the moment when artificial intelligence will replace all the routine processes in our lives. So why not to try training a neural network to write lyrics for musicians? The main advantage is that that program can be fine-tuned and write exactly the text you need at the output. A guestwriter is not always do his work with high quality. Many aspiring musicians are familiar with the situation when they paid a money to a freelancer, but did not get what they needed. And the person stops responding without completing the work. The disadvantage of the neural network is that it can't always build a rhyme or logical connection between sentences, but for modern rap music this is not a big problem.

The RapMe app can already write texts online and for free. Not so long ago, the developers added a new module called "Lyrics Editor" and trained it to write rap based on several thousand songs by modern artists from the whole world. RapMe generates 3 verses of a specific theme.

To generate the lyrics just to go to RapMe, and click on the "Lyrics Editor" (green button on the left).

Click on the "Generate Lyrics" button in the lower-left corner of the Editor:

Then there are opens a window which id called "Lyrics Generator". You can choose the language of the future song (English by default) and the theme (flex, romantic, etc.).

After that, click on "Write text" button, wait a little while for the program processing the data and done! The verses of your future rap are ready. You can edit them and choose one of the punches as the chorus.

Of course, the algorithm is not perfect at the moment this article writing and the songs may need some improvements (changing the word order, adding rhymes, etc.), but RapMe can get you a good basis for a new song lyrics.

Are the songs that RapMe writes unique? Yes! But... It depends on what you mean by this concept. Texts which was written by human artists themselves are not always unique also. Many musician often takes something from songs of other singers, writers or poets as the starting point of his work and sometines borrows full phrases or rhymes.