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How to download and setup Autotune

Autotune is a virtual audio processor developed in 1997 by Antares which distributes as VST plugin and standalone application. This popular voice correction software allows you to change the vocal's pitch according to the instrumental harmony avoiding wrong notes both on the record and during live performance.

Beatmakers value Autotune because it doesn't create distortion or artifacts during sound processing and saves a singer's unique intonations recorded on microphone. Autotune is also used to correct instrumental music.

The plugin costs about 100-200 dollars... But you can always download Autotune torrent from all known trackers.

Stable version: 8.1.8

Plugin format: VST2/VST3

System requirements: 32bit or 64bit OS from Windows 7 and higher. 2-4Gb of RAM

Functions: Humanize, FlexTune, Natural vibration control, processing mono and stereo files.

Using Autotune in FL Studio

The plugin configuration process is almost identical in all modern sequencers (Fl Studio, Cubase, Reaper, etc.). So, to get started, you need to download Autotune from the official site or torrent trackers and just run the installer. Just skip all installation steps and then it is completed add the Autotine to the FL library via macros menu.

Connect a microphone to the computer and choose the mixing channel for it. Open effects menu, select "Antares AutoTune plugin" and wait for the workspace to load.

Now you can record your voice, but immediately you won't hear any changes. The plugin doesn't affect the recording with the default settings and it should take some customizing. In order for the microphone input signal to begin to level out change the "Input Type" value to Alto/Tenor Voice and Autotune will change the pitch of wrong recorded notes.

To achieve a mechanical voice effect set the "Retuning" value to 0. If the sound becomes too electronical or dry try increasing the "Repeat" value a little (by hundredths) until you are satisfied with the result. Other effects settings also depend on the microphone type and recording quality.

The next step is to add an equalizer and reverb. The equalizer is most often used to reduce the volume of too high frequencies that appear after effects processing. The built-in Autotune equalizer is not good enough so use the standard one in FL Studio or Fab Filter Pro.

The Reverb effect adds a sense of space. You can also use Chorus and / or Delay effects if you want and depending on your song's genre.

This completes the basic configuration of Autotune in FL Studio.

Autotune Free Download Analogues

KeroVee by g200kg (VST)

KeroVee - is a VST plugin that has a simpler interface than Autotune, but needs more CPU and RAM resources.

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MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction

KeroVee - is a VST plugin that has a simpler interface than Autotune, but needs more CPU and RAM resources. Free Autotune for vocal and instruments correction. It has a large size installer which collected a lot of different effects (stereo width adjustment, compressor, attack, trigger speed, equalizer, reverb, limiter, and others). You not lose your time if you will download it.

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